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Complex Healthcare will provide hospital based programs the opportunity to Share Risk with us

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Complex Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to work with physicians and physician groups

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Complex Healthcare has a growing staff of professional billers, coders, and collection personnel.

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Complex Healthcare helps fill the voids in your Wound Care programs..

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About Us

Complex Healthcare Solutions

Complex Healthcare, above all else, possesses the raw materials and in-house expertise to run, manage and operate successful Outpatient Limb preservation, Wound Care, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy clinics and can work with Hospital-Based, Physician Groups, and Free-Standing Clinics.

Our Expertise


Complex Healthcare believes in continuity of care, regardless of the setting, including Acute Care Inpatient, Outpatient, Long Term Acute Care (LTACH), Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), Rehabilitation Hospital, or Home Health Settings. Because of this belief, Complex Healthcare is ready to provide Nurse Practitioners in these settings in order to provide the highest level of intervention.


Complex Healthcare is actively working with physician groups to add value to the care these physicians and physician groups are providing to their medical community. Complex Healthcare is evaluating “At Risk” Joint Ventures with physician groups to provide Limb Preservation, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine clinics into communities that are underserved, highly competitive, or have merit for more additional market penetration.


Complex Healthcare is actively serving existing Healthcare systems in various states and select international locations. Our models are flexible to allow hiring of all clinical staff, not to mention the MD or DO. Complex Healthcare provides HBO Chambers or adapts to existing chambers that may be in use or dormant chambers from previous wound care activities. We will help in all aspects of space utilization and construction of new programs, or take over programs that are under-performing or in need of assistance.


Complex Healthcare in select communities will provide In-Home Wound Care Services. We hire, train, and deploy experienced Nurse Practitioners to assist Home Health agencies, traveling physician groups, and other agencies to care for chronic wounds in the Home Health setting. Our Nurse Practitioners carry a wide arrange of tools in their bags to evaluate, treat, and dress these wounds properly. When appropriate, some patients may visit the Outpatient Wound clinic. In both cases, proper wound care orders are provided to our Home Health providers for the days we are not present.


Complex Healthcare will provide under contract, or via agreement, rounding of chronic wound care patients residing in Nursing Homes, Long Term Acute Care Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Rehabilitation Hospitals, and As Requested, using our Physicians or Nurse Practitioner providers, where we have an Active Joint Venture or Hospital-Based Limb Preservation program nearby.

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Shape the future of Wound Care, Vascular and Hyperbaric Medicine with Complex Healthcare Solutions. Together we can achieve extraordinary results.

Our Team

Glenn Hermes

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Tel: 817-386-8886

Selena Nix

Vice President Business Administration

Tel: 817-386-8886

Victor Granados

Chief Nursing Officer/Clinical Operations

Tel: 817-386-8886

Anu Bandara

Director of IT and Compliance

Tel: 817-386-8886

Michael Evans

Corporate Safety Director

Tel: 817-386-8886

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