Hospital Risk Share

Complex Healthcare will provide hospital based programs the opportunity to Share Risk with us

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Joint Ventures

Complex Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to work with physicians and physician groups

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Revenue Cycle Management

Complex Healthcare has a growing staff of professional billers, coders, and collection personnel.

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Complex Healthcare helps fill the voids in your Wound Care programs..

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Business Solutions


Revenue Cycle Management, Community Education, Permanent and Short-term Staffing Assistance, Add-ons

Complex Healthcare helps fill the voids in your Wound Care programs

Many hospitals depended for years on a Wound Management Company to run their programs. If you are considering terminating those contracts, or have already pulled that trigger, you may need a transition bridge during that process. Complex Healthcare can provide one or more of the following services to your hospital or physician practice:

Revenue Cycle Management

Assistance in billing, coding and collections of your Wound Center and HBO activities.

Community Education

Hospitals often market their name, but not their services. Complex Healthcare uses Community Educators that will work your entire medical community catchment area to inform and ask for referrals from a whole host of providers, all having chronic wound or problematic healing patients.

Permanent and Short Term Staffing Assistance

Specialized Wound Care Staffing of physicians, FNPs, Wound Nurses, LVNs, HBO Technicians, Medical Assistants, or Front Office Staff is difficult to find. Complex Healthcare can focus on your practice and help you during vacations, absences, and other short term vacancies in your Wound Care staffing. PRN Staffing is just one way we can help to keep your practice running and on all cylinders.


Several hospitals or physician practices have Wound Care or Burn Center clinics, but do not have the adjunct use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the most difficult wounds. Often the lack of this therapy results in amputations to many patients’ lower extremities. Complex Healthcare can assist in obtaining, installing and operating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers. We can plan the oxygen placement, piping, space utilization and staffing, as an add-on to your existing center. Complex Healthcare will train your entire staff, perform monthly and annual inspections of your chambers, perform monthly safety training and make sure your clinic is operating safely and efficiently. Let us help you add this valuable service line to your existing Wound Care Center and start salvaging limbs.

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Shape the future of Wound Care, Vascular and Hyperbaric Medicine with Complex Healthcare Solutions. Together we can achieve extraordinary results.